Healing Hands of Crosby Massage & Light Therapy

Healing pain with Award Winning, Medically Graded & FDA cleared & CE Marked devices. Luxurious, organic & relaxing facials. Safe & ethical with NO skin to skin contact. Tailored treatments and times chosen by our Clients between 45 minutes to 2 hours.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic STRICT Government guidelines and measures will remain in place during 2021 with limited daily appointments.

Our HomeSpa will hopefully be re-opening in April 2021.

Your Therapist has received their 1st COVID Vaccine.

**Saturday bookings will remain by appointment only**

Please refer to our website for full details and further information.

Safe, relaxing, ethical & professional treatments without skin to skin contact during these incredibly strange times, within the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Award Winning Celluma Pro LED Light Therapy is phenomenal for anti-ageing, muscle, joint and nerve pain. Acne & post-operative wound healing including C-sections & skin tears.G5 Massage treatments are available for soft & deep tissue without causing pain, enabling neck, shoulders and back to be supported.

Energy silicone, static cupping, can also be used in conjunction to the above treatments, supporting blood flood and increased mobility.

Please refer to the Special Offers Page on our website. We also provide special pricing to support our wonderful NHS, Emergency Services, Students and local Council Employees.

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Current Offers

2 for 1 pain relief. 30mins massage free with 30mins booked for Crosby Loyalty card holders.

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